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About Us

A few words about who we are & what we do

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About Us


Meet Action Team

Have a look at our Sync ultimate creative and marketing warriors

David Smith
aka Iron Man
Master Developer
Mark Gorjestani
aka The Hulk
Owner/Managing Dir
Eddie Harris
aka Stormtrooper
Chef Designer
Cindy Smith
aka Heisenberg
Support Keeper

About Us

Sync Creative Media will concept, create, implement and manage your marketing campaign using both new digital online media and/or traditional offline media. From Influencer Product Placement to Pay-Per-Click Management to Print Advertising…whatever your marketing needs, Sync has you covered!

Sync Creative Media (formerly Sync Online Media) was established in 2010.  Sync Creative Media is a creative marketing partner to our clients. We are experts in building brands and promoting product across all media channels. Our ability to seamlessly integrate online and offline communications in a compelling, unique and effective manner has given us recognition in the massive online community. Providing inspired ideas and compelling creative that empowers and optimizes market presence is our passion!

Utilizing the unique combination of our “traditional media” know-how and our “digital media” expertise, Sync Creative Media delivers a strategic advantage to our clients marketing communications plan. If refining an individual product marketing mix or redefining/relaunching a brand, Sync Creative Media can create and execute an effective integrated marketing communications strategy that will exceed your expectations.

Sync Creative Media is an ingenious marketing partner to our clients striving for the common goal of success. Together we analyze, strategize, develop and grow new and existing businesses from the core out.

Sync Creative Media Skills

What your Sync Team can handle for you

Digital Creative & Marketing
Traditional Creative & Marketing
Search Marketing
Print & Outdoor Creative
Pay-Per-Click Management
Collateral Development
Influencer Marketing
TV Broadcast Production
Social Marketing
Lead Generation Campaigns
Online Video Marketing
Tradeshow Environments
Explainer Video Production
Marketing Strategy
“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”Oscar Wilde