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Sync Traditional Marketing

Some traditional marketing strategies are nearly as old as civilization itself—and they’re still effective today.

Traditional Marketing is a rather broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It’s the most recognizable typse of marketing, encompassing the advertisements that we see and hear every day. Most traditional marketing strategies fall under one of four categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone. Because it encompasses so many different strategies, nearly every company selling a product or service uses one or more types of traditional marketing as part of an overall advertising strategy. For the most part, this form of advertising depends on the company’s available marketing budget.

  • Print marketing is the oldest form of traditional marketing. Loosely defined as advertising in paper form. Print marketing usually refers to advertising space in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other printed materials intended for distribution.
  • Broadcast marketing includes television and radio advertisements. Includes radio and television commercials, as well as specialized forms like on-screen movie theater advertising
  • Direct Mail marketing uses printed material like postcards, brochures, letters, catalogs, and fliers sent through postal mail to attract consumers.
  • Telephone marketing, or telemarketing, is the practice of delivering sales messages over the phone to convince consumers to buy a product or service.
  • Collateral marketing consists of printed materials that describe a business and its products and services. Marketing collateral includes brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, press releases, and other printed materials produced by or for an organization.
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